This morning, Train and I talked about how 40% of people, as a New Year resolution, say they want to get rid of clutter in their house.  I've been doing that since about Thanksgiving, going room by room.  Literally, I got rid of boxes and boxes of stuff that I had just sitting all around my house.  Turns out, I may have been a little too hasty because there may be money to be made with some of my old stuff.

According to That's, our old CorningWare that we have all over the house could be worth thousands of dollars.  You know the kind, I'm sure.  My Mom had this stuff all over the kitchen.  Apparently, it's making a comeback with some dishes getting up to $10,000 on eBay!  So, basically, I could have thrown away a $10,000 casserole dish.  Nice.

Oh, the beautiful casseroles that came out of those dishes!  Search your house and maybe make some extra cash or just make some shepherd's pie!



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