And that is why you don't mess with Zdeno Chara.  He will bury you. Check out this video from last nights Bruins game of Chara knocking Cedric Paquette of the Lightning into another dimension with one punch.

Chara received a boarding penalty in the 3rd period as the B's were up 4-2. Cedric Paquette skates over to him and says something, gives Chara a nudge with his stick, Chara nudges back, Paquette retaliates and the B's captain finishes the fight before it starts with one punch to the face, knocking Paquette to the ice.

The announcers say Chara hit him with the butt of his stick, but I can't tell, even after watching several replays.

Big win for the Bruins, 4 in a row, they are rolling right now.  GO B's!

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