Massachusetts gets plenty of attention for myths and legends such as the Berkshires alien abductions, the Sea Serpent of Gloucester, and the Boston Garden Monkey (at least one of which turned out to be true).

Vermont's gotten some attention due to its own wooded version of the Bermuda Triangle. And New Hampshire has experienced its fair share of the unexplained. And not just the woman who says she captured a "Bigfoot" that looked more like a naked Phoenix Suns gorilla.

Whether it’s strange creatures in the woods, bizarre sounds in the night, or supposed curses, the Granite State was the site of a vast array of unsolved mysteries.

Of course, there are many that aren’t particularly “fun”, like cold cases involving disappearances and homicides. But there are a few “fun” ones, or instances that occurred so long ago that the passage of time allows us to ask, “How in the world did this happen?”

Most famously, New Hampshire is known for its strange fascination with unidentified flying objects. From a famous incident in Exeter to sightings as recently as 2022 (including a strange photo captured by yours truly), there exists the belief that even aliens are attracted to our fine schools and tax-free state.

But there are other strange phenomena that have often gone underreported, such as frequent reports of sounds that don’t quite fit their location, or animals that remain unidentified (which vanished as mysteriously as they appeared).

There’s even an infamous murder that stands out not just for its brutality, but the superhuman nature of the assailant, and the impossible conditions he weathered in committing the crime.

It’s a nice place, New Hampshire. It’s just a little…eerie…

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