Live Free or Die

If you love New Hampshire and want to go beyond just a tattoo of the state on your forearm, why not name your child a Granite State-inspired name?  It has been a trend for quite a few years to give babies unique names, so, here is some inspiration from a New Hampshire native.


This would be a great name for a beautiful little bundle of joy.  Who doesn't love Lake Winnipesaukee?


Inspired by the Kancamagus Highway – the beautiful stretch of road that bikers love to cruise on a beautiful day.  The name was also good enough for A.A. Milne when he was trying the think of a name for the kangaroo in "Winnie the Pooh."


Alton Bay, located in the Lakes Region, is one of the shining stars of our state.  It is not far from  BankNH Pavilion, where all the premiere artists stop on their tours.


Named after Carroll County, which includes such lovely cities like Conway, Albany, Eaton, and Madison


It's a picturesque town in Carroll County, New Hampshire, and also the name of Daryl Hannah's character in that 1984 movie with Tom Hanks, Splash.


After Rockingham County that includes Portsmouth, Greenland, Stratham and Exeter, among others.  "Rocky" can also describe the hike up Mount Washington.


Spelled with a "C" after Franconia Notch.  The New Hampshire school system took us there as children.  It is absolutely stunning.


When people refer to the beach in New Hampshire, they are usually referring to Hampton.  It's the most popular beach in the State.


My parents had a friend named Finch when I was growing up.  It's the New Hampshire state bird.  Maybe he was named after it?


Many children are name Lilly, so why not Lilac?  The lilac is the New Hampshire state flower.


Steven Tyler named his daughter Liv, and I wonder if it was an homage to his beloved "Live Free or Die" 603?  Next time I see him, I'm gonna ask him.

What do you think of these names?

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