I have to have one!  And since it's the Holiday season....

I saw this article in the Coastal Journal about a girl in Harpswell who hand-weaves gorgeous baskets from extra lobster rope that her Dad doesn't use when he traps.

Hannah Leary wanted to fund her horseback riding, the article states, so she began to sell the baskets she was weaving.  They are beautiful!

The article quotes Hannah and she sounds like a firecracker:

Everybody calls me bossy. I just do better working independently,” said Leary, who is mystified by kids her age who spend their time on social media. “I don’t like sitting and doing nothing — it’s not my thing. There’s so much I don’t understand sometimes…why would you guys sit at home on your phones all day? Ride your bikes!

The article also says you can get Hannah's baskets, worth the drive no matter where you are, at Panacea School of Integrative Health in Hallowell and at Swallowtail Farm and Creamery at 84 Cove Street in East Bayside in Portland.

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