Today is the day! 125 years ago New England was rocked by the verdict of Lizzie Borden's double ax murder trial. Did she really give those whacks?

In the interest of saving time, I set the above YouTube video ahead so you can hear the shocking verdict!

Though Lizzie has always been perceived as the murderer of both Abby and Andrew Borden in 'The Court of Public Opinion', it's true that she was never found guilty.

I've always suspected that her Uncle (John Morse) was somehow involved because he was visiting the family the night before the murders.

He was cleared of guilt, only because he remembered the badge number of a conductor on a cable car. (?) This always seemed to me like a flimsy piece of evidence to prove one's innocence.

There is a New Hampshire connection to this case as Lizzie's older sister Emma (also seen as a suspect by some conspiracy theorists) lived the last years of her life in Newmarket! She died there in June of 1927 at the age of 76.

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