Yesterday, we had a lot of power outages around NH and here are some ideas on how to keep boredom away when the power goes out.

1.  Read a REAL BOOK!  I have tons of real books that you can actually hold in your hand and I love them.  I admit, I DO have a kindle, but there's nothing like holding a book.  Easier on the eyes and the aesthetic beauty of a bookshelf with actual books on it -  is lovely.

2.  Dance like nobody's watching!  This is a great time to get some exercise in.  Sometimes, it takes boredom for me to find the time to exercise.

3.  Talk to people!  Have a conversation with the people around you.  I admit, these days it sometimes feels awkward, even talking to your family, but the more you have face to face conversations, the more connected you will feel without a smart device in your hand or a TV in front of your face.

4.  Cook on the grille:  When the power goes out at my house, I immediately go to the fridge and pull out the frozen meat and throw it on the grille.  It can't go to waste, so we tend to cook a ton of food with no power in the house.

5.  Take a nap!  This is a big one for me because I get up waaay before dawn.  Every chance I get at a nap, I get.

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