During the month of October, Townsquare Portland and Portsmouth and its radio stations will be participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. Our hope is that you can partner with Townsquare Media and stand up to bullies.

First, it's important to know the facts. Here are 13 things you might not know about bullying.

  1. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. [Source: Dosomething.org]
  2. Verbal and social bullying are the most common. [Source: Stopbullying.gov]
  3. More than 20 percent of students report being bullied. [Source: Pacer.org]
  4. Every day, 160,000 kids stay home from school to avoid being bullied. [Source: Dosomething.org]
  5. 64 percent of kids bullied didn't report it. [Source: Pacer.org]
  6. 90 percent of teens who have reported being cyberbullied also have been bullied offline. [Source: Pacer.org]
  7. 74 percent of LGBT students were bullied through name-calling, threats, verbal attacks in the past year because of their sexual orientation. [Source: Pacer.org]
  8. 33 percent of girls and 25 percent of boys reported bullying about their weight. [Source: Pacer.org]
  9. Students who bully others, are bullied, or witness it are more likely to report "high levels of suicide-related behavior." [Source: Pacer.org]
  10. About 71 percent of kids say they have witnessed bullying. [Source: Stopbullying.gov]
  11. Only 4 percent of the time will an adult intervene in bullying they witness among adolescents. [Source: Dosomething.org]
  12. A majority of bullying occurs in relation to school, whether that is at the school, on the bus or right outside of the school. [Source: Stopbullying.gov]
  13. When someone steps in to stop bullying, it usually stops within 10 seconds about 57 percent of the time. [Source: Stopbullying.gov]

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