Massachusetts is the #1 Smartest State in the Country

Well, whaddya know?  A lot, apparently.

Massachusetts topped a list of the smartest states in the entire country.  New Hampshire came in second place, according to new data.

To come up with this, researchers at UTS online based their findings on 10 things:

  • Average IQ
  • High School Graduation Rates
  • College Graduation Rates
  • SAT scores
  • ACT scores
  • NAEP Scores
  • Literacy rates
  • Numeracy Rates
  • State Value Added for Arts and Culture Production
  • Number of Colleges per capita

Massachusetts has a total intelligence score of 81.63, with an average IQ of 104.3. The state also had the highest score in both SAT and ACT exams.  Combine that with being the home of M.I.T., Harvard University, and other prestigious schools, and you've got some wicked smaaaht people.

New Hampshire is the 2nd Smartest State

New Hampshire had a total intelligence score of 79.52, and is also home to Dartmouth University and Philips Exeter Academy.  When you walk around on those campuses, you will see people from all over the country.

The findings also took into account the access to funds for schools, investment in quality teachers, and measures to empower students.

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I thought it was just a personal bias because this is where I live, but I guess the data proves that we are a very well-educated part of the country.  My family was not well off by any means, but all seven of us went to college because we had the opportunity to do so.

Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico are the bottom five states.

What do you think about this new data?

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