Starting on Thursday, three days of 'The Nation's Largest Cannabis Industry Event and Expo' will take place at The Hynes Center in Boston's Back Bay. CannaCon will feature some very successful and well-spoken business pioneers in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Known as 'The Martha Stewart of Marijuana' and 'The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills', Cheryl Shuman will be speaking on Friday at 12:15pm. The speech will focus on Cannabis Branding and Marketing.

Cheryl Shuman is the Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club (, CEO of Cheryl Shuman Inc. ( and a cannabis expert has had a huge impact on shifting the course of history and overall public opinion. Shuman was recently featured on the cover of Adweek as Pot’s First Marketer, in Elle Magazine as The Most Powerful Women in the Pot Industry-  Courtesy of

Sumit Mehta will be speaking Saturday at 12:15pm for an hourly discussion on the subject of 'Capital Markets'.

-'With 20 years of Wall Street experience and four years of cannabis experience, Sumit will help you to learn how to navigate the plethora of available investment opportunities. Having helped guide investors through the tech boom, the real estate boom, and the craft beer boom, Sumit will not only help you to understand the commonalities amongst these but also pitfalls to avoid' -  Courtesy

Certainly some very interesting and thought provoking angles on this once (and sadly still) maligned and taboo subject.

There will be over THIRTY FIVE seminars like these at CannaCon from July 13th through the 15th.

For a complete list of these events check out this extremely thorough and comprehensive website!

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