Why are so many places closing?

We just got the news that the IHOP in Newington, New Hampshire, is permanently closed.  Their last day was this past Sunday, and I have to share reasons why I think it happened.

According to WMUR, no other IHOP locations are closing at this time.  There are four more in New Hampshire; Bedford, Rochester, Salem, and Seabrook.

William Burns, an IHOP franchisee, said that they "appreciate our neighbor's patronage for the past 24 and a half years and have loved being a part of this neighborhood."

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Newington, New Hampshire

Remember when Bugaboo Creek closed?  Then, Sears closed a few years later (around 2018, right?).  It was certainly before the pandemic. Then, when COVID hit, they used that space to give COVID vaccines.  These closings couldn't have helped.  It's that whole "a rising tide lifts all ships" thing.

The IHOP in Newington was also hard to get to if you weren't going the right way.  You could drive right into the parking lot, but you would have to be on the correct side of the street.  If you were going toward the highway, forget about it.  That could not have helped them either.

The third reason I think IHOP in Newington closed is because of Jeff Bezos.  I blame everything on either him, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg.  Without the invention of Amazon, the stores would be open, parking lots would be filled with cars, and our bellies would be filled with pancakes.


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Newington Redevelopment is Coming

There are plans, I'm sure, as we speak for the redevelopment of the Mall at Fox Run and surrounding stores.  We already know that a Chick-fil-A is coming to Newington in August.  Let's hope that breathes some life back into that area.  That chicken is hard to resist.

What would you like to see come to that part of Newington?

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