Stop telling people you are busy.

I came across this article a while back and since I have been feeling particularly busy lately, I thought I should revisit.

This article comes from CNBC and gives three solid reasons why you should stop telling people how busy you are.  Having read the article, there are people I know that would be just fine with the outcome, so if that's you, then move along, my dear blog reader.  But, if you are intrigued, here you go:

First, telling people how busy you are kinda sounds like you're bragging and no one likes a braggart.  Also, if people ask you how you are and you respond, "I'm so busy," they may not want to talk to you.  You might not care, but if you actually stop and talk to someone, your relationships will be better at work.

Second, being busy isn't remarkable.  Everyone is busy.  As the article states, the hero isn't the workaholic, the hero is the person who is home because they figured out a way to work faster.

Lastly, busyness closes doors.  No one is going to offer you new opportunities because you say you are busy all the time.

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