Last night, I went to an industry event at a Conference Center in Manchester.  This event happens every year and I just love it.  The room is usually filled with Radio and TV people who stand around and catch up with each other.  I take lots of pictures, hug a lot of people and generally, be the social butterfly that I am.

When I got there, I do what I always do - I headed straight to the bar!  Mind you, I wasn't drinking at all because I'm on a diet, however, the bartender asked if I wanted to start a tab.  (How many club soda's and cranberry did she think I was going to have?)  Anyway, I said yes and handed over my credit card, socialized, had a great time and walked out without my credit card.

Well, according to Yahoo answers, there are some things you should do:

  • 1.  Call the bar and make sure they hold your card until you are able to return to retrieve it
  • 2. Call the credit card company to put a hold on the card in the meantime.....or
  • 3.  Don't go back at all, cancel the card.  Someone may have copied all your information from your card.  You want to be safe.

A good time was had by all and now I've learned a great lesson:  Never order cranberry and club soda again.  :)

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