Do you want to look like a 'MOE-PRO'? Here are THREE helpful hints that will keep you from looking like a foolish 'am-MOE-teur' when you go to the counter.



Lettuce be perfectly clear. There IS no lettuce. I've heard rumors of different Moe's offering lettuce, but I've NEVER actually seen it. Ordering lettuce is probably the biggest faux pas (Moe's pas?) you could ever commit at your local Moe's.

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2. Order Your Order In Order!

The Dover location has a brand new gigantic poster that will set you straight as to the three most essential parts of the Moe's sandwich and the order of which to, umm, order them. (Notice there is no lettuce on the veggie panel.)

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3. Get Dessert? Yes!

When you are used to getting one of the best sandwiches in this history of modern civilization, it's easy to overlook dessert.


Their whoopie pie selection is phenomenal with many great varieties. I strongly suggest the oatmeal. It's delicious and has the appearance of being healthy.

Follow these three tips and you will definitely look like a 'MOE-PRO'!