Good time was had by all last night on the Isles of Shoals MV Thomas Laighton.  The weather was absolutely perfect!

One of the lovely bartenders on the boat last night was slicing and dicing those limes!  I would tell you her name, but she told me twice and I still can't remember.  She is lovely though, is she not?  Maybe I'll just call her lovely.

Here's A-Train with our buddy Dennis enjoying Founders Brewery Sessions All Day IPA.  LOTS of those were consumed last night.  (Nice shirt, Dennis, by the way....)

A-Train and me on the boat trying to pose for a picture.  We can't really ever be serious.

Here's my old friend, Drummer Dave, his son who is EXACTLY like him and his son's lovely wife. (girlfriend?  fiance?  I can't remember... it was a long night!  haha!)  The Groove Cats were awesome last night.  Really got people on their feet to dance the night away!!

If you missed the cruise last night, there will be another one on July 10th!.  Get your tickets early!  It's gonna sell out again!