Every now and again, I'll get a bee in my bonnet about the house and how dirty it is, so I'll go through EVERY room, including my step-son's room and this past weekend, I discovered why I never want to do that again and here are three reasons why:

  • Underwear is everywhere.  Do you really want to be touching your teenage son's underwear?  Ask yourself that question before you make that decision.  Only you have to live with yourself.
  • Your good missing dishes will be found with dried oatmeal under the bed.  You are put on this Earth to love this person and when you find your good dishes under the bed with month old oatmeal stuck to it, life gets challenging at that point in time.  You love this person, sure, but you'll want to strangle him.  Take my word for it.
  • Random food has been there for weeks, maybe even months:  That bag of pistachios that you paid $12 for?  Gone before you even got one nut.  That's not ever the worst part.  That bottle of olive oil that you paid 20. dollars for at the grocery store?  You may find all of it gone, with only a few drops at the bottom of the bottle left.  You should assume that he's used it for dipping the loaf of french bread that you've also found.... under the bed.

Good luck, no matter what you decide!

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