One of my favorite places, 3S Artspace is opening back up!

I love this space. Whenever I got there for lunch or a show, I always have a great time.

This is a re-opening announcement from the executive director, Beth Falconer from their website:

We have chosen to reopen with the Gallery and outdoor events first. As a venue that would typically welcome 400 individuals (standing) to a show, we are now exploring indoor event potential for 40 individuals (seated) due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements. We are working on events that offer real impact for the artists involved, offer a safe and fun experience for all, and are financially viable. Until then, we will continue partnering and streaming events.

If you've never been to 3S, I highly recommend it.  It's filled with a "hip" vibe the minute you walk in, which, let's be honest, is really my jam.  If it's artsy, I'm in!

There is a restaurant associated with 3S, it's called Barrio and it's delicious.  I recommend the fish tacos with a nice glass of pinot grigio.  If you are with a bunch of hipsters like I was the last time I went there, they have an extensive beer selection too, so basically, you can hang out for a long time at 3S.  Eat, take in a show, hang out for an after dinner drink, they really have it all.  Barrio has been open for a while now, with social distancing and limited seats, of course.

Did I mention they were super nice people who have worked their butts off to bring such a cool space to Portmouth?  If I didn't mention it yet, consider it done.

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