Four Tom Brady supporters were arrested yesterday at NFL Headquarters for protesting the 'deflategate' punishment handed down to the Patriots by the league.

Outside of the office they held signs, marched in a circle and shouted their support of Brady and the Pats and made it clear they disapprove of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, and the punishment.

They handcuffed themselves together in the lobby of the league office and refused to leave. Eventually the police were called and they were taken to jail where they spent the night.

Here is some of the protest and arrest footage:

These guys work for and run the website,, clearly they're huge Pats fans and extremely loyal to Tom Brady.

Not many people would spend the night in jail in support of their football team and quarterback, but these dudes did.

They have been released from jail and I'm sure they're not done exhibiting their displeasure of the leagues treatment of the Patriots.

Stay tuned, these guys mean business!


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