Email can be overwhelming - especially if you have your inbox attached to your smart phone, like I do.  I have always been the type to answer an email as soon as I see it, even if it's a, "I'll get back to you when I can" response.

We polled Shark Nation and came up with these responses for the question of "How long is too long to ignore a work email?"

Kimberly Fish .Unless it's an emergency, anything more than 24hrs on a weekday is too long or longer than 48hrs on weekend/holiday

Ammie Sisk 12 hours.. unless it’s an emergency situation like plumbers or electricians

Marilyn Johnson If it's a plumber, 30 minutes.

Charlie Lord 10 mins

When I send out an email, I admit that I DO expect a reply within 12 hours.  Any longer and I consider that the recipient might be ignoring me.  Maybe because we all live with our cell phones and it's hard for me to believe that the intended receiver didn't open their email.  According to Robert Half, waiting a day or two to respond is too long.

Here are the other three workplace etiquette tips that can help you get promoted, according to Robert Half:

Don't check your cell phone while in meetings.  If you do, people notice.

Share the credit.  If someone helped on a project, make sure you mention it.  You'll be seen as a team player.

Don't gossip.  It's the number 1 workplace etiquette mistake, plus it makes you look unprofessional.


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