We had a great time this morning with the 1st Annual Shark Tank Superbowl Party!!  All the VIP's showed up, like Karen Kiley our News Reporter and Cheryl Healy, our OFFICIAL Cheerleader/


Jake and Deb from SIS Bank stopped by too and they were a natural on the mic:


Another natural on the mic, our friend Hugh from Eliot Small Engine.  He made the most incredible breakfast casserole made with crescent rolls on the bottom, eggs, sausage and cheese on the top.  Bake = eat = be happy.

We found out a few things about having a Superbowl party.  You absolutely need the following delicious foods:

1.  Tortillas:  They are cheap and everyone loves them.  You might want to buy some salsa to go with - up to you.

2.  Chili Con Queso:  SUPER easy.  Just take a package of Velveeta, throw it in the microwave for 5 minutes, mix in two cans of RO-TEL tomatoes and voila!  Chili Con Queso.

3.  Chili:  Easy-peasy in the slow cooker.  The delicious-ness will last all day and night, literally.

4.  Eggplant Parm:  This one is a little more involved, that's why when someone says, "Can I bring anything?" You say, YES, eggplant parm.

5.  Cake:  It was our friend Tracey's birthday, so we had to have cake!

Everything was delicious, but the most enjoyable thing was the company we had in the Shark Tank.  Thank you so much for coming and ..... GO PATS!!


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