I've been experiencing a lot of headaches lately and I'm not one to take medication, even if it is just Advil or Bayer.  I don't know why, but I've always been suspect of those things, which is completely ridiculous because I'll eat anything in sight.  Having said that and in an effort to help ME (and hopefully you too...) I give you - foods that will help your headache, according to Reader's Digest.

They've given 13, but I have picked out the ones that don't make any sense to me:

1.  Ripe bananas and avocados:  According to the article, these are high in tyramine which is an amino acid that most people digest, but it could also give you a headache.

2.  Cocktail party food:  Like aged cheese and little tiny pickles.  What kind of world do we live in that you can't eat a teeny tiny pickle because it'll give you a brain ache.

3.  Chewing Gum:  Really?  Excessive chewing gives you a headache.  omg....

4.  Cold cuts:  Nitrate filled headache sandwiches.  Great.

5.  CHOCOLATE!!  WHAT?!!  C'mon, Reader's Digest!!  Okay, I don't even want to know why.  I'm not gonna stop eating it.




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