Before you begin, there are some spoilers here.

I am not a horror movie fan.  Never was.  In fact, when I was a kid, my Mother told me that every time the wicked witch of the West cackled at Dorothy, "I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY!  AND YOU'RE LITTLE DOG TOO!"  I used to burst out crying.  Otherwise, it was a very uplifting movie.  (Also, side note:  I did not like those flying monkeys.)

Good entertainment, for me, doesn't need to give me nightmares.  Sometimes, a good drama or in the first selection here, a comedy, is classified as a "horror movie," when it's really not.

Here are the all time classics, in my opinion, that you can watch any time of year, even when it's not Halloween:

1.  You may judge me for this one, but I thought Sam Raimi's "Army of Darkness" and the leading man, Ash, is so funny, that I can't really consider this a horror film at all.  There is some needless gore, but other than that, I like this one a whole bunch.  It's pure silliness.

2.  Who could forget the little sweetheart in "The Sixth Sense."  This one had me from the very beginning.  I had no idea until the very end that Bruce Willis was too, a ghost.

3.  Jack Nicholson is just brilliant in "One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest."  By the end of the film, you just want to cry for all the residents and cheer for the one that got away.

4.  Oh, Clarise.  Can you still hear the screaming of the lambs?  "The Silence of the Lambs" does have really gross parts, but you can cover your eyes, like I do.

5. Another Stephen King story, "The Shining."  I was reluctant to watch it back in the day because it was directed by Stanley Kubrick who is too far out for me, but this was just AWESOME.  I always watch it when it comes on.


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