Eyoo, David.

Real life words to my husband, David.

This Friday night, we stayed at a hotel that wasn't very pricey, but it wasn't $25.00 either.  I expected a little more from this place.

When looking for a cheap(er) place to stay, questions like..... "will there be blood on the pillows?" isn't a question that usually pops in to your head.  Neither is, "I wonder if my water view really will be a green algae-ridden pool?"

Eyoo, David.

Obvi, I won't reveal the place that we stayed.

My husband went to go check in and they have converted one of the rooms to the check in place for all.  That was a little weird, to say the least.

When we walked in, the room didn't seem THAT bad until we started to look around a little closer.  The pictures will tell the story.

On top of it all, we got a call from "the neighbor" telling us to "keep it down."  Here's how the conversation went:

  • Me:  Hello?
  • Neighbor:  “Hello. The is your room neighbor and I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed in this hotel, but I want to let you know that the walls are very thin, so... if you could please keep it down.”
  • Me:  "What?? Are you sure that you have the right room??"

C'mon, really?  We were literally in that room for 2 minutes and the phone rang with someone telling us to keep it down.  It's not like we are newlyweds, for God's sake.

We DID end up sleeping there, but we spread our clothes over the top of the bedsheet and slept that way.

Not only that, but the whole night, I was pretending to be Alexis Rose and David was pretending to be David Rose.... SO, we were CRACKING ourselves up all night and thought we should just stay.


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David: “This place is f@#%ed.”


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