Raise your hand if you have ever had to hang out with a teenage boy.

You don't even have to have to say it, but you know what they are obsessed with right? Unfortunately, some hang onto that obsession well into adulthood.

Last year at Rotary Park in Biddeford, five teenage boys proudly stomped out in the snow that obsession. It was caught in a picture by Krista, who giggled when it she shared it.

Just a heads up, some of you may find the photo below NSFW. Or maybe not.

Krista Antoine
Krista Antoine

Yes, that's uh...ya know. You are either horrified by this or giggling.

Listen, I'm all for it. Sure, it's not exactly the art project we hope for, but again it's teenage boys.

Here's why I think this is okay.

First off, it's gonna melt. Second, it got them off their devices. Hard to be on an X-box while you are measuring out twigs and berries.

Krista got a better shot of the snow...uh, appendage.

Krista Antoine
Krista Antoine

I live with two teenage boys. I know they would not only find this simply amazing but would immediately look for a large field of fresh snow to recreate this gorgeous artwork.

I gotta give it to them, they had to think about this for a while.

Looks like to the left they may have had a practice run to get the dimensions just right.

Good for you little Picassos in the making. Glad to see the hard work and cooperation to get this larger than life uh, you know, captured in the snow on a sunny Maine winter day.

I look forward to it being mowed in the field come this summer.

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