The entire state of Maine is a summer vacation destination for people around the world. We are blessed to live here year round but even more so during the warmer months.

While tourists surely can get annoying for locals, we can’t blame them for wanting to be here once the sun starts shining and the beaches start to open. The views around the state are postcard-worthy and you can’t go wrong visiting any part of Maine during the summer.

Once the weather warms up, people typically flock to places like Portland, Acadia, and Ogunquit, but a major publication just released an article sharing that one Maine town in particular is the place to be in the summertime.

Biddeford, Maine, a Summer Vacation Destination

That’s right, Biddeford is being flaunted by Travel + Leisure as Maine’s destination to hit this summer. While we usually think of other areas in the state, you can’t knock down Biddeford as an up and coming place.

What is now being known as “Little Portland” is an artsy, peppy little town filled with beautiful beaches, breweries, restaurants, boutiques, and more, which is why such a major travel publication wants you to know about it.

I love when different parts of Maine get highlighted in areas where tourists don’t normally think to go because it diffuses our visitors and scatters them around the state instead of oversaturating in one hot area.

Why Visit Biddeford, Maine?

The article written by Travel + Leisure had a long list of reasons why you should visit the small town in Maine.

Biddeford is just like a little Portland, with historic buildings, old mills, brick buildings, and lots of local options for food, shopping, and entertainment.

Many of us here in Southern Maine usually head to Scarborough for our beach needs but Biddeford has great options like Fortune’s Rock Beach, Middle Beach, and Biddeford Pool.

As far as restaurants and drink spots go, these are the ones that Travel + Leisure highlighted as go-to places:

As a Mainer, have you spent much time in Biddeford? If not, you may want to go check it out.

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