Every couple I know has disagreements about SOMETHING.  Even really happy couples who have very successful marriages, argue once in a while.  The healthy relationships, in my opinion, will be able to talk it out without getting seriously angry.  Let's face it, we'll have our differences over the course of time... about something.

My husband and I mostly argue about where we are going to eat.  Here's the conversation that will happen in my house often:

  • Me:  I think I'd like to get take-out tonight.
  • Him:  Okay, great!  You choose.  I chose the last time.  Wherever you want to go, we'll go.
  • Me:  Oooooh, I'm really in the mood for Mexican.  I would love to get a nice fajita somewhere
  • Him:  Oh... Mexican...  I just had a burrito for lunch, so... not Mexican.
  • Me:  Wait... YOU JUST SAID, anywhere I want!?!
  • Him:  Yeah, I did!  It's true!  Anywhere except Mexican.
  • Me:  Okay, how about Italian?
  • Him:  No, tomato sauce is bad for my acid reflux
  • Me:  UUUUUG!!!  (Charlie Brown style....)

And so it goes.

We are able to laugh about it and eventually find a place to eat, but sometimes this circle of 'where do you want to go' lasts longer than we would like.  Especially since I'm probably hungry and truly, we are all just 5 year olds looking for a snack and a nap.

Here are the top 5 things that happy couples argue about, according to our Facebook survey:

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