You wouldn't believe the legends, icons and all time hall of famers that have walked the halls of our studios here next to the hayfields of Middle Road in Dover, NH. And I've been lucky enough to see them all!

5 Superstars That 'Secretly' Visited Dover NH

You wouldn't believe some of the high profile visitors we've had here at the studios on Middle Road in Dover, NH. Legends and Icons from Music, TV and Sports.

I used the verbiage 'secretly' because in all 5 of these cases, the visits weren't announced publicly. Any resulting interviews were delayed and, sure enough, autograph seekers and 'Number One Biggest Fans' would magically appear in our lobby within an hour of the broadcast, hoping to meet and greet these stars.

Could you imagine if Taylor Swift walked in here and co-hosted a morning show for the day? There'd be a throng of 20,000 fans causing traffic jams on both lanes of the Spaulding Turnpike.

Ironically, she was the only one that wasn't famous at the time. Our sister station, WOKQ has the claim to fame as being the first radio station to play her music. Her family often vacationed up here when she was but a young and unknown songwriter.

That status would change dramatically just a couple years later.

Did you know Andruw Jones won the Gold Glove TEN years in a row?

He was also very polite and apologized for standing in the way between me and my desk. Imagine that, the guy hit over 400 home runs in the majors and there he was blocking the access to my cubicle.

As for Sally Struthers and Randy Owen, I only stood in awe and sheepishly waved at them through the glass of the studios they were in at the time.

Just remembering their smiles and gracious return of my 'Hello' are memories that I'll always cherish.

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