How awesome would it be if you won $10,000?  You could pay bills and do the responsible thing, but let's just dream for a moment, shall we?

If I won $10,000, I would probably start with taking the day off and sleeping in.  Since I get up so early, that would be such a luxury right off the bat!  Then, I'd go online while eating my breakfast that I ordered through one of those "we'll bring the food to you" apps and go shopping!

Below, you will see some of the things that I would buy right away.  Heck, I haven't won $10,000 and I'm thinking I might want at least a couple of these things.

Notice the handmade stuffed chickens from NH artist, Jennifer Reilly Diggs.  These things are a must for anyone.  (except if you don't like chickens, then I guess they are not for you.)

Or, how about the Little Red Corvette, Prince?  Look at that thing, would ya?!  It's only got 49K miles on it and I bet Darling Nikki would just love to take a spin.  Not in the winter though, you'd freeze.

Then, there's the print of the one and only, dearly departed, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  (WAAAAAHHHH!!)  She will be so missed and I need to have a reminder of her on my wall to remember all the things she did for me as a woman.  Thanks, RBG.

The two house things are very tempting too!  The fancy-shmancy sink that I want to get very badly and that cool electric fireplace I think would be excellent additions to my house.

Happy shopping!

5 Things I Would Immediately Buy if I Won $10 Grand


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