What is in the water at Exeter Hospital?

Here I am with Kelsey Weiner.  She works in the endoscopy department at Exeter Hospital.  (I know, her name is Weiner and she works in endoscopy.  haha!  She hears it all the time....)  ANYHOO, I told her that my husband just had "that" procedure and the only thing he remembers about it is someone saying, "Please turn to the side."  At which point, Kelsey said, "THAT'S ME!  THAT'S MY JOB!"  Is that CRAZY or what?!

Anyway, as we were waiting for the band, (Brothers Osborne - great country act, by the way) she told me that 5 women in that department are pregnant.  She is the farthest one along, with a due date of next month.


What is in the water at Exeter Hospital?!!  If she goes in to labor, she's at the best place.  OH, she's having a boy.

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