According to a story from, 6-year-old Carlos Rolon of Worcester got the heart transplant that he really needed and was waiting so long for.

Carlos and his family had been waiting for four years for the surgery that finally came on Friday at Boston Children's Hospital, the article stated.


Carlos was born with a heart defect and had several heart surgeries before the age of two, according to Four years ago, his heart was failing and he was put on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

His health kept deteriorating and in August of last year, he had to be admitted to the hospital until a heart could be found, according to the MassLive report.

It makes my own heart SING that Carlos got HIS heart!  We need more stories like this right now to pull us through this scary, weird time.

This past Christmas, Carlos asked for Christmas cards and his call was answered as you can see in the YouTube video:

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