Being a native New Englander, you might think that you are an expert driving in the snow.  ("Of course I know how to navigate in a foot and a half of the white stuff!  How dare you suggest otherwise, Sarah!")

Well, I'm here to remind you about these things because I love you and what if you forgot your ice scraper in the house and you're out there in the middle of this snow storm and I could have done something to prevent it?  How could I ever live with myself seeing you out there with your credit card trying to scrape all that ice off?

I know, it'll probably be all heavy snow, so you won't need the scraper, probably, but you never know.

People not from New England don't know that you really don't need an ice scraper sometimes.  That's just for us to know.

So here, dear reader, are a few tips for all of us.

Whether you've been living here your entire life or if you have just moved here, chances are, you'll find one of these tidbits helpful whether it's a foot and a half of snow or just a dusting.

7 Reminder Tips For Native New Englanders Driving in the Snow



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