35 years ago a man named Richard Rumney met a woman named Arlene Merritt. They dated and then became engaged. Richard fell hopelessly in love with her and she, sadly, broke his heart. They parted and the years passed. Families were had, lives were led but, he never forgot about her.

We received a message from her granddaughter, Kristi and she wanted to share this beautiful love story with us and I am so glad she did.

Sometimes, in life you meet someone that brands you with their love. My opinion is that this is a certain kind of love, the everlasting kind. Seems like Richard picture Arlene as his co-pilot, not just a passenger who is going to get off at the next exit. This is what she meant to him. She was his co-pilot. And for those 35 years that they were a part, he saved that front seat for her.

Even though Arlene regretfully broke his heart all those years ago, she still loved him fiercely. She kept the only photo of the two of them for 35 years and throughout that time, anytime she heard his name, she lit up and mentioned that he was, "the one that got away."

Arlene is now 80 years old. She worked as a CNA and according to her granddaughter, Kristi, is the "sweetest woman and always very independent, raising her babies."

A little over a year ago, the Arlene's daughter had a chance meeting with "the one that got away", the one who stole her heart many years ago.

Richard asked how she was and was able to snag her phone number and after one call, they have been inseparable.

Richard stated that he never wants to live another minute without her, so they are now getting married.

Kristi Sheridan via Facebook
Kristi Sheridan via Facebook

After 35 years of loving each other from afar, Richard and Arlene are finally both going to be together!

They will be marrying this weekend at the Salvation Army Church in Augusta where they will unite themselves to each other for the rest of their days.

This is a celebration of love and a story that proves that distance, time, and space doesn't matter when you love someone.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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