Wow!  What an amazing milestone for this Massachusetts man, Brad Hathaway from Mattapoisett.

Brad has almost hit a major milestone with the dedication to walk everyday, according to a report from  Brad has almost walked the equivalent of the circumference of the world!

The report explains that more than three decades ago, Brad's doctor told him that he had diabetes, heart problems and other health issues that those conditions can bring, so, he said that Brad better start walking.  Boy, he sure did!  Brad walked at least 3 miles per day, sometimes going as much as 10 miles per day!  Now, 32 years later, he has just about walked the circumference of the Earth, which is 24,901 miles.  Wow.  That's a lot of shoes!

Brad said in the story that over the years, the walking has gotten harder and he has had to use a walking stick and now a walker, but he still goes out for his walks, even at 88 years old, come rain or shine.

Brad has also picked up trash over the years and discarded lottery tickets that sometimes are winners!  He's made $49!

Fantastic!  That's what I want to be like when I get older!  I think of my Mom when I hear stories like that.  She was unable to walk at the end of her life and it made me really sad.  It's because of her that I hike and try to eat healthy.  I don't want to be in a position where I can't get up to use the bathroom anymore.

You go, Brad!  If I'm going to do what you do, I'll have to start pretty soon!

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