There is a real-life Forrest Gump walking among us, and he is about to end a journey in New England that began two springs ago.

Isaiah Glen Shields graduated from college in May, 2021, and landed the "perfect" lifestyle. He scored a lucrative job in finance and purchased his first home.

That’s where Shields’ story veered off one course and onto another. He literally left everything behind and just started walkin’.

Calling Utah home, Shields has purposely gone out of his way to see parts of the country that largely go unseen – back roads and quiet areas.

“I had a very strong sense of curiosity about the world and my place in it,” Shields told TownSquare Live Delaware back in August. “I really wanted to understand what was worth doing with my life and to take a survey of what’s out there, what other people do with their lives, and what the world looks like.”

Unlike the character played by Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, Shields takes his time on his journey, pushing a small cart of belongings as he takes in the sites, scenery, and people. Shields’ story is also a bit quieter, as he is typically walking solo.

He began his journey in the westernmost point of the continental U.S. in Washington State, and will soon reach the easternmost point: Lubec, Maine.

Shields told NewsCenter Maine that he purposely tries to avoid knowing what’s coming, but rather just encountering what is ahead and going with it.

When asked what he does in the rain, Shields had a pretty straightforward answer: “Get wet.”

You can follow Shields on his trip (and maybe ask to walk along) by checking out his YouTube channel.

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