This could be the understatement of the century:  Things sure aren't as they used to be, especially the way we teach our kids.

Here are a few things that were absolutely the norm at the time, but just don't even exist in schools today:

1.  Cursive:  Hand-written anything is becoming a thing of the past.  That's a shame.  I often look at the writing of my dead relatives and it feels like I still have a small piece of them with me.

2.  Getting hit from the Teacher:  Oh yes, my friend.  I went to Catholic school and if you talked when you weren't supposed to or got caught passing a note, you were whacked.  It was the way it was.  You didn't run to your parents to tell them, you prayed that they never found out!!

3.  Chalkboard:  Why are there no chalkboards anymore?  What do teachers write on?  Do they even write anything anymore?  Is it all digital?  I know I sound 1,000 years old, but I just don't get that one.

4.  Card catalogs:  Nope.  No need for a card catalog when you can just look it up on the computer.

5.  Encyclopedias:  One word:  Google

6.  Duck and cover bomb drills:  Kids, this was a thing.  If there was a nuclear bomb that was launched at America, apparently, a desk would be your protection.  You literally had to squash yourself underneath the desk.  Good part about that was - your face was close to your butt so you could kiss it good-bye.

7.  No pants for Girls:  Thank goodness this rule changed.  It was a rule to be sure.  Girls had to wear dresses.  If you didn't you'd be sent home.

8:  Physicals, eye/ear tests in school.  GAWD!  These were horrifying.  Especially because every child in that whole school wanted to know how much I weighed.  Oh, I HATED physical day.

9.  Powered soap in the bathroom:  This was kinda lumpy sand that you were expected to wash your hands with.  Now that I think of it, I kinda liked it.

Get back to school, Kids.  Soon, you'll make your own list.

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