She had to unlock her dad's iPhone using his face after he passed out!


Maine got lucky with the Nor'easter a couple of weeks ago. But down in Massachusetts, they got hammered and thousands lost power. According to Boston 25 News, Jayline Barbosa Brandao’s home in Brockton was one of those that lost power. Jayline is 9 years old. They didn't have power for days. They had a generator though...and that's where the problem started.

Portable electric generator running in the cold winter.
Vitaliy Halenov

Jayline's mom told Boston 25 News that they thought the generator was in a safe place and they were only using it for short spurts! But then her mom had a headache and shortly after, didn't feel anything and passed out.

That's the danger of carbon monoxide - it's odorless and dangerous!

Jayline's father screamed that her mom has passed out!  Jayline, who is in the 4th grade, didn't think twice and ran to his side. Her father too had passed out! So she grabbed his iPhone, but it was locked. So, she used her dad's face to unlock it and called 911. Jayline knew that something was happening and she didn't have a lot of time!


According to Boston 25 News, carbon monoxide inside the home was measured at over 1000 parts per million. That is a potentially fatal amount of gas.

Her mother woke up in the hospital and says that if her daughter wasn't in the house, she and her husband would probably not have survived. She definitely saved their lives! Here in Maine, a generator is as common as duct tape. So it's important to know how to use it safely. You might also want to go over with your kids what to do in an emergency - should anything like this happen in your home. Jayline is a friggin' superhero!

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