Christmas time can be a headache for a single mother just trying to earn ends meet. Trisha Sullivan is a single mom and works as a waitress in Ellsworth Maine. This Christmas was panning out to be an extremely stressful one financially. She was pulling doubles at Denny's all while going to school full time and still wasn't sure how she was going to be able to afford presents for her four children.

Her luck turned around on Saturday morning when she waited on three men who she described to look kind of grungy. She expected an average tip from them, nothing extravagant.

When it was time for the men to cash out, one of the gentlemen insisted on settling out with her instead of the hostess at the stand. Trisha thought it was a little odd but agreed to do that. When it was all said and done she looked down at the check and saw that the man left her a 500 dollar tip on a 35 dollar bill.

Turns out Trisha had waited on Santa himself at Denny's and he single-handedly saved her Christmas. :)

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