This is Nala. When she visits us here at The Bob Fuller Media Center, she brings a quiet positive energy that makes my trips through the hall ever so wonderful.

Hilary Photo Credit

I have to think that she is some kind of Austrailian Sheep Dog. This breed of dog always seems very content around large animals and, since I am one, we always get along swimmingly.

Hilary Photo Credit

Also, her coat is indescribably pretty.

Once I saw this story on the WMUR-TV YouTube page today I immediately went down to see Nala, realized she wouldn't really be able to understand this digital content, then stayed for awhile and petted her while I was in the neighborhood.

Yes folks, 'The Bradford Brood' (most of them) are now available for adoption!. Earlier this month, no less than 105 dogs were rescued from a kennel there in Bradford, NH.

All the available information you need is here at The Greater Nashua Humane Society website.