Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of going to the New Seabrook Park and man, oh man, did I have a flashback to my childhood, or what?!!

See, my Mom and Dad used to take me to the track when I was a kid.  I had no idea, nor did I care or agree that it was a bad place to be for kids.  It was a time where everyone smoked, yelled and when they lost a bet, they'd double down and do it again!  My parents never had a gambling problem, it was just a fun thing to do, then we all went home.  I fell asleep in the way way back.  (those my age remember the "way way" back of a station wagon.)

Yesterday, when Mike and Ashley of the New Seabrook Park showed us around, I had the worst case of DEJA VU!  I was thinking, If those walls could speak, I would hear the sound of my parents. THEN, over the speakers, I hear "Sara Smile" come over the speaker.  A song that my Dad sang to me just before he died in 1976.  This is just WEIRD!

ANYWAY, about the track.  This place has changed and the renovations so far are beautiful! I learned how to play the live table games!  Really fun!  Then, we went over to the Greyhound Casino & Tavern.  The food was yummy - especially the onion rings.  They had a full bar and I could have stayed all night, but.... my bed was calling me.

They are still working on it and they plan to have a grand opening sometime within the next few weeks.  I'll definitely keep you updated on that, but I just wanted to share my fond memories of this place.  I look forward to making new memories in the near future!

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