Roller coasters aren't meant for winter, right? Well, think again. There's an all-season roller coaster that wraps around Cranmore Mountain in New Hampshire that may give you a summer thrill ride fix in the dead of winter.

YouTube via Chris Croasdale
YouTube via Chris Croasdale

It's called the mountain coaster, and features thousands of feet of winding twists and turns that will take you up and down the mountain at the Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway. Beyond the incredible views and the uniqueness of having an operational roller coaster in the winter, there's something else that makes the mountain coaster special. Control.

What does that mean exactly? It means that you can control just how fast you want your mountain coaster experience to be. Looking to leisurely make your way through the mountainous landscape? No problem, take your time and keep your speed slow. Looking for the tear ducts to fill up and your cheeks to take on a little windburn? Crank that coaster up to 25mph. Seriously. Oh, and if you've got a little you want to bring with you, the coaster is fit to be a tandem ride.

Of course, there's a few rules to go on this ride. If you're going solo, there are height and age requirements. And of course, nothing is free, so a fee is involved. You'll find more details about the ride, requirements and pricing here.

So if skiing or boarding isn't your thing, there's always a roller coaster. Even in the winter. Buckle up.

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