I had a terrible weekend picking games and A-Train was fantastic.  Now I'm down.  It's that simple.  Train is an incredible 5 and 3, and I sit at 4 and 4.

I was 3 and 1 entering this weekend, and feeling great, but my picks were awful.  I went 1 and 3.  The Pats didn't beat the Ravens by more than a touchdown, the Panthers couldn't stay within 10 and 1/2 points against Seattle, and Denver didn't even get the win, let alone beat Indy by more than 7.

A-Train is rolling, he has all of the momentum.  He came into this weekend at 2 and 2, goes 3 and 1, and now leads with a record of 5 and 3.

Three games remain.  The NFC Championship featuring Green Bay at Seattle.  It's early but Seattle is favored by 7.  The AFC Championship with Indy at New England.  Pats are favored by 7.  Then the Superbowl.  I still have a shot.