It's actually more of a debate as Josh has put his 1980 copy of Uncanny X-Men (signed by the cover artist) VS. my 'incredibly' rare 1963 issue of The Incredible Hulk. Who will prevail?

Josh's Best Comic Book

Marvel Comics 'Uncanny X-Men' Issue 136 (Signed by John Byrne)

Marvel Comics

This issue is part of the famed “Dark Phoenix Saga” story line in which X-Man Jean Grey descends to villainy due to exposure to radiation! (Sounds like she and Aaron’s pick The Hulk have something in common…). The Dark Phoenix Saga has become a staple in comic book history ever since, and was adapted as the plot of 2006’s ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ film.

The cover alone is as classic as it gets, showcasing a distraught Cyclops holding Jean Gray in his arms, as other members of Professor X’s team look on.  The unmistakeable art is penciled by none other than the great John Byrne, who along with writer Chris Claremont ruled the X-Men franchise throughout the 80s.

Speaking of Byrne, Josh’s copy of Uncanny X-Men #136 was signed by the artist himself in 1988!  Josh purchased the previously-signed comic at his local comic and collectibles shop in 2016, and remains one of his favorites.

Marvel Comics - John Byrne

A-Train's Best Comic Book

Marvel Comics 'The Incredible Hulk' Issue 6;  Circa March 1963

Marvel Comics

There were only six issues of the original run (1962-63) and the first five were illustrated by the legendary Jack Kirby. The sixth and final issue (seen above) is extra rare because it was illustrated by the equally legendary Steve Ditko.

This comic book is one of the rare exceptions that is valued ALMOST as high as the first issue, something that you just don't see in the 175 year history of comic books.

To be fair, my copy has a torn corner and a clipped coupon for Sea Monkeys that has knocked about $3500 off the value. It has made TWO separate owners of comic book shops nearly break down in tears because of it's condition.

Which one do you prefer?