I am in TWO different brackets. Both of which looked REALLY promising on Saturday morning. Then, the world came crashing down in a big way. Check out the before and after images right here.

The Shark's Million Dollar Bracket

Ah! Saturday morning and a very respectable 26th place position. All my finalists are still alive and victory is still mine for the taking.

The Shark's Million Dollar Bracket

Now look at it. Hardly any remnants of hope remain. Nothing left to root for but a Top 40 finish.

My employee pool was even more of a free fall.

Townsquare Media

Out of hundreds and hundreds of Townsquare Media employees, you can see The Train's 27 victories have me poised for greatness.

Now, I'm Tied for 569th place?! I had to go into my personal account to show it because they only put the Top 500 on The Leaderboard. EMBARRASSING.

Thankfully, 7 out of 8 of my finalists are still alive and with any luck, I can seep back into mediocrity.

For those of you wondering about any other Shark notables, Fish is currently leading everyone with 34 points, and is tied for 63rd. Brighter days MUST be in our future.