It's Championship weekend and the gloves are off! That may have been an unfortunate choice of words. Will The Pats be able to advance with an ailing GOAT? Here's my bold prediction.

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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Jacksonville Jaguars +7 1/2

The Patriots will win the game but not cover.

Throughout the last magical 17 plus years of The Brady Era, I ALWAYS predict that The Pats will win but not cover for superstitious purposes.

On top of that, last week's Divisional was almost completely lacking drama. The Pats were on cruise control for the entire second half of the game. We are overdue for a close, nail biting, gut wrenching Championship slugfest.

I can't help but wonder if I actually said "Brady can beat BLLLLAKE BORTLES left handed" at some point last Sunday and that statement came back to bite me on the @#$ (and Brady on his thumb).

I'd prefer an ambidextrous attempt from TB12 instead of anything that involves Brian Hoyer.

Minnesota Vikings -3

The Vikings will win this game and cover.

The over under on The NFC Championship Game is 38 1/2. This is laughable. Two stifling defenses and two quarterbacks that are in WAY over their collective heads.

It wouldn't surprise me if there were MULTIPLE safeties scored Sunday night.

Final Score Prediction: Minnesota 11 - Philadelphia 4

Heck of a hockey game, not much of Championship.

After last week's miracle (which I kinda sorta predicted) the Vikings are destined to host The Big Game.

My Current Post Season Record: 3-4-1

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