Last weekend, I quietly went 3-1 on my Wildcard Picks. I feel pretty confident that tonight's game isn't going to be the blowout that everyone, including Las Vegas, is predicting.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
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Tennessee Titans +13 1/2

They'll cover but will lose a surprisingly competitive game.

Down 21-3 at the half last week in Arrowhead Stadium and these guys KEPT FIGHTING. You cannot overlook that fact.

I think RB Derrick Henry and QB Marcus Mariota will keep enough precious drives alive with their mobility and keep this game close. The Pats will have to score 27 or more points tonight for the win. They'll do it, but it won't be easy.

Atlanta Falcons -3

A number one seed falls today!

I'm hoping that the bold statement above refers to The Philadelphia Eagles who go into this postseason like a riderless horse, a rudderless ship and a sugar free dessert.

Nick Foles at QB?

A six seed being a field goal favorite against a number one is downright weird. Alas, Vegas usually knows what's up and I think The Falcons are on a mission to erase the shame of Super Bowl LI.

Matty Ice is once again going to the NFC Championship Game!

Pittsburgh Steelers -7

Steelers will roll.

The over/under of this game is 41.

Therefore, I predict Pittsburgh will win 41-0.

My nephews throw the football better than Jacksonville QB Blake Bortles. They throw it better than me too but I'm not starting this game today. Blake is. Yuck.

New Orleans Saints +5

Saints cover but lose a thrilling heart breaker.

Two excellent dome teams going at it for sixty minutes will deliver THE BEST GAME OF THE WEEKEND.

The Vikings lost a crushing playoff game a couple years ago against The Seattle Seahawks at home when their kicker Charlene Shankerton missed an 11 yard field goal*.

I think the fickle fates of football glory will reward the weary Minnesota fans with a fifty yard game winner today as time expires.

*The Kicker's name is Blair Walsh and it was a 27 yard field goal. He now plays for Seattle! 

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