Once again, Bob from Honda Barn has scorched the football world with a very impressive 11-5 record. It would be foolish to NOT listen to his pigskin prognostication this week!

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For those of you wondering what Bob from Honda Barn looks like, the picture above features him in mid-celebration of the fact that he trounced me by no less than FIVE correct football picks. Not an easy task.

Take a listen to his most recent 'Big Deal Pick of the Week' in the audio below.

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Arizona Cardinals

No team in the NFL has defied Super Bowl contending expectations like the Cards (1-2). Bob predicts they will get off the mat and win a big divisional home game this weekend against the surprising Los Angeles Rams (2-1)

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A-Train Picks: The Pittsburgh Steelers

I chose this picture of Ben Roesthlisberger because he appears to be looking over his shoulder the same way I am helplessly watching Bob from Honda Barn advance from the back of the pack into a near tie with me for the 'Pro Football Pick Em' crown.

Hopefully, The Steelers will avenge a serious beat down by The Philadelphia Eagles and take care of business at home against The Kansas City Chiefs.

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