Finally I got to spin the bonus wheel on Leprechauns Gold, a seemingly never ending quest that I've been on that has stretched through 3000 miles and almost, well, 3 months?

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In order to spin this wheel, you need to get THREE green bonus symbols.

Two green bonus symbols? That happens quite frequently.

THREE? Never.

But this past Saturday morning at Oxford Casino it happened and I wound up getting seven free games.

After a great deal of hula dancing and fire breathing from the animated Leprechauns during this round, the payoff was not quite what I had dreamed.

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The better part of 23 bucks?

Oh well.

I would still recommend this game though because it gives you good entertainment value for just 50 cents a pop.

There are several different types of 'Instant Bonuses' that deposit free wild cards throughout the board and can be as generous as they are hilarious.

The dizzy unicorn that licks the reels as the other characters appear confused and revulsed? That's funny stuff.