The last time I bested Bob from Honda Barn with football picks, air conditioners around New England were still running on full blast. You wouldn't think I'd brag and gloat that much about my 10-4 record last week would you? 

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A-Train Picks: The Buffalo Bills

Much like Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan, I can only try to win the games that I can focus on even though I'm trailing my opponent by a large deficit. Rex will do just that as The Jacksonville Jaguars visit the snowy and icy conditions of Buffalo this weekend. I predict The Bills will stampede the frostbitten Jags with ease.

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Miami Dolphins

Bob will keep it in the AFC East by selecting the RED HOT Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill will try to make it SIX WINS IN A ROW as they face The San Francisco 49ers in the comfy confines of Miami Gardens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully, these picks won't be 'turkeys'.

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