The people of Maine are known to be quite crafty. When things need fixing, there's always somebody around that knows a little something about it. Maine people also like to make sure you're prepared for what's coming, from frost heaves to really sharp curves. Or in the case of a back road in the small town of Sedgwick, all those bumps.


Shared on Facebook by Brett Williams, a sign designed from a little Maine ingenuity lets people know that the road they're about to hop on is going to be a bumpy ride. So bumpy in fact, that it will leave your dentures chatting and your know what, we won't touch that one.

But beyond the fair warning, signs like this are something fairly common across Maine for one reason. Someone decided something needed to be done and they weren't going to sit around and wait for someone else to do it. So they got some supplies, wrote the dang message and made sure to hammer home the point with some pictures of bras and dentures. Betcha won't forget that road is super bumpy now, will ya?

Can you imagine what the signs in Maine would look like if they were just left up to the townspeople? That would be some sightseeing.

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