Snow is a fact of life in New Hampshire. Sure you can sit around and complain about it, never leaving your house. Or you can embrace the snow with excitement and enthusiasm. So c'mon...pull up your snow pants and head out for an adventure you'll never forget.

SledVentures Snowmobile Rentals in Lincoln, NH is dedicated to making the best of the winter weather. No matter if you're an expert rider or you've never been on a snowmobile in your life...they have the perfect adventure just for you.

According to their website, this year, new tours include Franconia Notch...the Over The Top Tour...and the Mega Midweek Mountain Adventure tour. Their most popular tour is the Bog Pond/ Franconia Notch tour. Not only do they have the newest and best snowmobiles, they also supply you with new gear like jackets, pants, boots, and gloves. And yes...they even have kid's gear.

SledVentures also does private tours and Sled & Stay packages with some of the local hotels and resorts. Tours run every day depending on the weather conditions.

You can reach them at (603) 238-2571.

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